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Lifeguarding: Full Course


Lifeguarding: Full Course

Q:  What are the prerequisites for the Red Cross Certification class?

1. You must be able to swim 300 yards continuously using either breaststroke or freestyle, backstroke is not permitted, however you can use goggles.

2. Participants must be able to tread water for two minutes continuously, using only their legs. Hands must be tucked under their armpits. Participants heads must remain above the surface of the water.

3. The instructor will place a 10-lb. rubber brick at the bottom of the pool (about 7-10 ft. in depth) Participants will have 1 minute and 40 seconds to swim from the shallow end of the pool, to the deep end, and retrieve the rubber brick. Participants must swim back, holding the brick with both hands, while keeping their face at the surface of the pool. 

Q: How much does the Lifeguarding: Full Course cost?

The fee for the full course is $275 for non-employees and $225 for employees.

Q: Can I choose my pool location/assignment if I come work for you?

If there is a position still available at that pool, absolutely.

Q: What is the minimum age to participate in the American Red Cross Lifeguarding Course??​

Participants must have their 15th birthday on or before the end date of the course.

Q: What if I don’t pass the class? Do I get my money back? 

No, there are no refunds, 

Q: What if I can’t make it to all classes?

To get certified you must attend 100% of the classes. If you don’t, you won't be certified, and no refund will be given. 

Q: What is your Cancellation / Transfer Policy? Once you have paid for the lifeguard class, you have reserved your spot in the class.  When the first day of class has begun, there will be no refunds. If the first day of class has not begun, you may move your registration to another lifeguarding class offered by Chicagoland Pool Management in the same year.  We ask that if changing classes, you give a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice.  If 2 weeks' notice is not given, there will be an additional charged for moving classes.  Additionally, cannot guarantee there will be a spot open in another class.

Q: Where is my Lifeguarding: Full Certification class being held? 

Call Leslie at 630-689-9999 or email to

Q: Do I have to buy a textbook? 

No. All required books and supplies are included in the cost of the course.

Q: What do I need to bring to class?
  • Picture ID that shows your date of birth

  • Swim suit

  • Sunglasses & sunscreen, if class is held at an outdoor pool

  • Towels – you will want extras

  • Warm comfortable clothing and a second set of clothes

  • Swim goggles (optional)

  • Pen, pencil, highlighter, paper for taking notes

  • Money for lunch or bring a sack lunch (there is no refrigerator)

  • Drinking water

Q: What should I expect in class?
It’s a challenging class, just plan accordingly. You’ll work hard, apply yourself and leave tired. You will learn how to respond to Aquatic Emergencies, Perform Water Rescues and prevent injuries. 

Q: What is the best way to prepare for the prerequisites?
The only real way to prepare for the prerequisite is to swim.  We encourage you to find pool time and practice your swimming, surfacing diving to the bottom of the pool and treading water with hands out of the water prior to class. Details of the exact test are listed with the course description. 

Q: Should I call someone if I still have a question?

Yes, we'd be happy to speak with you! Call Leslie at 630-689-9999 or email to

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