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Lifeguarding Jobs in the Chicago Area

It has been a true pleasure to work for such a great company!

It has been a true pleasure to work for such a great company! The support that Chicagoland Pool Management has provided me over the years, from being a lifeguard to a pool manager, has been tremendous. Working for the company has provided me with many life lessons, and has even helped me in my teaching career. Thank you Chicagoland Pool Management for giving me a great work experience! 


- Tess Gorecki, Pool Manager, Oakhurst N. SportsCore

Join Our Team

We value our lifeguards and many lifeguards return each season. We offer leadership opportunities and higher pay with more experience. 

So, what makes Lifeguarding a great summer job? Here are a few of the most popular reasons:

  • Enjoy the outdoors: Would you rather be inside all summer or outside?

  • Make a difference: Lifeguarding is all about keeping people safe and making sure people are having fun. It's an important job and doing it well is a contribution to the community every day. 

  • Build your resumé: You'll learn valuable skills and also show self motivation and responsibility. Plus you'll have the opportunity to move up in positions with experience. 

  • Be part of a team: From meeting new people to working with friends, lifeguarding takes teamwork and builds friendships. 

  • Make more money each year: Lifeguards with experience receive increased pay.

  • Schedule: Lifeguarding is a great job for high school students (15 years old and above) and college students.

Take The Next Step

is lifeguarding for you?

Lifeguarding is fun - and it takes focus and attention. Click the button to learn what to expect.   

apply online

Complete our online application to apply. Also, if you already have lifeguarding experience, you may qualify to be a Pool Manager or Regional Supervisor. When you apply, simply select each position that interests you. We'll contact you to set up an interview where we'll go through the employment opportunities.

Get lifeguard certified

We offer discounts on the price of our certification classes for employees. Sign up early, as classes can fill up. 

Have questions?

If you have questions or hit a snag with the application, contact Leslie at

refer your friends 

Working with friends is fun! You can attend training together and we'll attempt to place you at the same pool.

We have lifeguarding jobs in the following zip codes: 60004, 60015, 60025, 60035, 60047, 60056, 60061, 60067, 60070, 60074, 60090, 60107, 60139, 60148, 60172, 60173, 60440, 60504, 60521, 60543, 60564 and more